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The recent devaluation is hoped to accomplish the following: 1) limit the currency auction theft; 2) collect the other 30% of the three zero notes, 3) cause the citizens to buy US dollars by speculating that there will be further devaluation of the dinar soon. This is why they are spreading the 1660 rumor now. Will they devalue the currency yet again to 1660, as the rumors now say and the BIS is suggesting? What would be the impact? I am told this will only happen as necessity prevails. In other words, they want to leave it just as a rumor but if the 1450 devaluation does not work they will go further. THEY MUST COLLECT THE 3 ZERO NOTES prior to the reinstatement!

I want everyone also to remember they have not forgotten about the 3 zero notes that we hold. They must also collect these notes too. This is part of the project to delete the zeros. We have the larger 3 zero notes and so they must collect them and delete them. We have been faithful investors in the Iraqi economy and have helped Iraq through their financial difficulties of the past. The US customs could have easily blocked the dinar from entering the country and limiting us from our purchases. So why did our government allow us to invest in so much dinar? There is a reason and there is a plan to use the dinar. We too need to be paid off. We would have already been paid off if it had not been for all the corruption causing the delays in this process. I also want to bring to your attention that the Iraqi 2021 budget passing as this is very important to the process as is the US elections.  We sit, wait, PRAY and watch what happens next.