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In December 2020 the CBI did a major devaluation of almost 22%. So, when most of the news from Iraq is now talking about a “revaluation” they are only talking about bringing it back to the pre-December 2020 rate from the 1450 rate but still within the program rate. This has nothing to do with the project to delete the zeros or reinstatement which we know points the way for we want.We want a reinstatement to get off the program rate and for the IMF to announce the new SDR basket that includes five currencies of the major developed countries including Iraq as part of it. This is when the dinar goes international.

We do not go to the bank until it is international…Once reinstated on FOREX we go to the bank and not until…They also are going to switch over to the Quantum Financial System (QFS) as the same time. The QFS already now contains the new set of rates to adjust them according the Basel 4 asset backed. The rate of the dinar was showing at $4.81 this week.

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