“NESARA/GESARA Tax Fairness?” by Nannah Joy – September 08, 2023

Entry Submitted by Nannah Joy at 11:21 PM ET on September 8, 2023

A recent post suggested that there will be ‘minimal taxes’. A 15% ‘fixed tax on NEW goods’.  A system of ‘fairness’ and support essential services.’ But, WHO decides what is ‘NEW’ ??

Let’s consider what effect a ‘15% tax’ would have on ‘goods’.

For EVERY $ you spend you will pay –

$1 – 15c : $10 – $1.50 : $100 – $15 : $1 000 – $150 : $10 000 – $1 500 : $100 000 – $15 000 :

Currently, an average new family home in Australia is between $500 000 & $600 000.  That is NOT a ‘luxury’ home, but a basic 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home, maybe with air conditioning in the living area and maybe a dishwasher – no refrigerator or washing machine or dyer and maybe no window coverings.

So if we take the ‘lower’ amount, it would mean you pay 5x $15 000 = $75 000 TAX.

OR, you move over 1 suburb away from the ‘new development’ suburb, and buy an ‘established’ home/apartment and pay $0 (ZERO) tax.


What about a new car – A new ‘Jeep Compass’ is between $54 000 & $66 000 : So let’s just say mid range – $60 000

So that would be 6x $1 500 = $9 000 TAX :

OR, you buy a slightly ‘used’ car – maybe even a car that has just been used as a ‘demonstrator’ by the dealer (IF that is NOT deemed to be “NEW”), and you pay $0 (ZERO) tax.

I believe MOST people would choose to pay $0 tax and therefore, the govt. would receive MUCH less than they think they will and that would affect ‘essential services’. And, we all know that the ‘rich’ actually have people on ‘staff’ to find ways NOT to pay tax, so they too would not be paying what the govt. expects and ALL industries associated with providing ‘new’ goods would be dramatically affected and MANY will close and that would cause large scale unemployment, which in turn has a major effect on the ‘economy’ of the country and the lives of the people.

We KNOW that the ‘education’ system has been under the control of the DS (deep state) for generations, so it is logical to believe that the ‘economists’ advising govt. are DS educated and trained and therefore their experience and knowledge is based on DS logic and the ideology of ‘destruction’. That is the ONLY way they know how to do things to obtain the ‘control’ they seek.

When NEW homes/apartments or cars or other ‘new goods’ are no longer being built, because very few are being sold, the ‘established or used’ market grows, but ONLY until there is no longer enough ‘established or used’ goods available for sale as  ‘demand’ outstips supply and eventually the ‘supply’ dries up completely. Then the WHOLE ‘NEW’ goods industry and the economy are destroyed. And, it is the same with ALL industries associated with ‘NEW’ goods, including suppliers of parts and machinery etc. It will have a FLOW on effect on EVERYTHING.

IF you want ‘FAIRNESS’, a smarter, simpler and more efficient tax would be for example – 2% on EVERYTHING.  NO exceptions, NO exemptions. If there is a ‘sale’, you pay 2%tax. Simple and easy for ‘business’ to comply with and NO-ONE can avoid paying their due.  You pay according to your spending habits and the govt. would receive MORE than they think, because NO-ONE is avoiding paying their share.