New Central Bank Track Will Maintain Cash and Exchange Rate

The head of the parliamentary finance committee, Atwan Al-Atwani, confirmed that the path of the new central bank will maintain cash and exchange rate.

“The path of the new central bank will maintain cash and the exchange rate,” Al-Uqwani said to the “tenth” program, which is presented to Al-Iraqiya News, followed by “the news,” “the path of the new central bank will maintain the dollar and exchange rate.”
He added, “The turnout rate on the electronic platform has reached more than 85 percent,” noting that “the central bank wants to deal with solid companies that disclose the final beneficiary.”
He pointed out that “border crossings do not collect more than 10 percent of the customs tariff,” stressing “the need for there to be determinants of trade in all its forms.”
He continued, “Irregular trade has disrupted the Iraqi economy,” noting that “there are non-government routes that allow the entry of goods without fees.”
He pointed out that “there is control over the sale of dollars through the electronic platform,” stressing that “the Central Bank has launched an initiative to support banks with housing loans.”

He went on to say: “High-Price investment housing projects must be reviewed,” pointing out that “the Iraq Fund for Development aims to provide an attractive environment for investment.”
He pointed out that “Begy refinery will return work again after returning its stolen materials.”