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Shnozzle: For those that follow this sort of thing… This is the lowest I have see the Dinar. forex.tradingcharts.com/c…

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Investment Law is for the protection of foreign investors. Not directly related to any change of currency.

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CNBC.com Article: Lew: I worry about ‘terrible’ debt limit accident

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Frank26:   KTFA FAMILY ………… I present Another Question for Your scrutiny and ………. Pondering:

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All the laws are positive but are not for immediate investments in Iraq. THEY OPEN THE DOOR FOR FUTURE INVESTMENTS Read More


It seems clear to me that there are a large number of risk takers in the world who are chafing Read More

Anna Von Reitz

The Federal Fiat Us Dollar Vs. The New Treasury Us Dollar

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Very interesting! I have been in contact with Shredd and will let you know when I hear from him.

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Finnick Odair: Lauren Goldman October 18, 2015 at 11:18pm

This report came from therackerreport.com, page 3.

The Racket Report –
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Kue911: Mondays are one heck of a way to spend one seventh of your life.

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I went outside at 5am, today, and it is cool and quite breezy for Florida. I can definitely feel a … Read More

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