Willeydell70:  So sounds like we really need to be watching for lower denoms to be out and Iraqi people to … Read More


Article quote: “The Central Bank rejects a parliamentary proposal to pay part of the salaries of staff in dollarsRead More

Middle East Online

Kerry arrives in Abu Dhabi for Syria discussions


ABU DHABI – US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Abu … Read More

Iraqi News

French Charles de Gaulle Carrier launches airstrikes on ISIS sites in Iraq


On Monday, French aircraft have launched air strikes … Read More


We are NOT waiting for laws. They were amending old laws, NOT creating new ones.  IMO they won’t even tell Read More (Chat)

MichelleL: ‹@Donnie› yay! how are you doing?

Donnie: ‹@MichelleL› still on the job hunt

MichelleL: its a very lousy time … Read More


Harambe:  Good news for the current Forex rate of 1083.4. Since last Thursday, it appears that the dinar is no … Read More


11-23-15 KTFA:

Frank26:  Friends …………… Our STUDY FILES are enormous. Then there are the notes that accompany them for further Read More

International Prayer Call

Monday Night @ 7 pm ET

641 715 3660   406878#
641 715 3659   406878#   recorded version

Tonight’s Call of thanksgiving … Read More


A little birdie just informed me that a pvt group that was given a skr will have funds on TUESDAY Read More


Iko Ward:  So, now that we can all read Forex, the stock markets, the gold and crude markets and the … Read More


Eagle1968 :Frank…if you have a chance on Monday nights CC, can you just touch briefly on your feelings about the … Read More