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Your No-Worry Checklist  ~ from:  “One Who Believes”
We have been given lots of check lists including what to do before the exchange, during the Exchange and after the exchange, what perks you can get, and what to ask a wealth manager.
Since the diss/miss information going around is designed to worry you and make you anxious about this transaction, I have compiled a list of What NOT to worry about regarding your exchange process.
#1) Groups

Forget about it. Whatever groups there may or may not have been, are over now. Anything that you find now is most likely a scam. In other words if there were valid groups you can’t get into them now because they are closed out or they may have even exchanged already. So don’t worry about getting in a group. Besides, the rates have been going way up so you will most likely get far better rates than they will because they have gone up since the groups were formed and their contracts were signed.
With all the scams going on in Dinar-Land, you are far better off keeping your currency in your hands until you get to the exchange center. Frankly, My Currency will NEVER leave my sight I won’t even allow the Bankers to leave the room with it until I have a deposit receipt in my hand for the exchanged value. Then they can do whatever they want with it. This is a NO-WORRY item because the exchange system has especially been set up for you, the INDIVIDUAL currency holder.
#2) Rates

There are clearly two sides, those who say low rates and those who say high rates. Remember that the bad guys are always trying to worry you and make you expect less, and the good guys are trying to get you to expect more and ask for it. Frankly I am on the side of High rates and asking for more.
At this point Rates are nothing to worry about one way or the other because they will be what they are and that is it. All you have to do is go to the main Lead Bank, and ask for the highest rates they can offer. Then you will know the whole truth and you will get what you get. No worries!
#3) Trusts / Legal Structures

There has been a lot of talk about trusts and legal structures. It seems very likely that the Banks will have some sort of temporary trust to hold your money in until you can get a perfect one created by your lawyers and advisors. Know this, whatever holding structure/account you set up during your exchange can be changed at a later date when you figure out what you have, what you want, and how you want to structure your accounts
This is a No Worry item, because you will have all the money you will need to hire the best experts on everything financial you do. Frankly, it is my opinion that the Bank wealth managers, especially the Lead Bank advisors, will be the most trained and knowledgeable on the new financial system than anyone else in the World.
Think of it this way: How many financial advisors in the World even know that there is a GCR coming? Then of the ones who might know something about it, how many know EXACTLY how the new financial system and laws are going to work? I propose that most of the financial experts in the world are going to have to go back to school, so to speak, and learn about the new World financial system.
However, no matter who knows, right now and who doesn’t, you will have the time and money after the exchange to figure it out and get it the way you want it. Personally, I am going to “Lean” on the Bank experts at first, to tell me what they know and see what advice they have for me. Then later, I will get outside counsel and see what matches and what does not and decide from there. But for now, this is a No-Worry item for me.
#4) Structured Pay Outs

Everybody is trying to figure out if there are structured pay outs and if so, what does that mean? To me the so called structured pay outs are no different than the CDs of back in the day. While I am not a financial advisor, I remember a “CD” or Certificate of Deposit, being a certain amount of money held by the bank, for a certain amount of time, with certain interest payments made as agreed. Then after the “Time” of deposit was over, you got your money back in full.
So, if I understand what Yosef was saying, you do your exchange, and if you have enough money, they offer you an Investment/Money Storage opportunity. You get paid interest every 3 months, until the agreed upon time is over, then you get your money back in full. It is my understanding that this only comes into play for extreme amounts of money, especially if you are opting for the higher negotiated rates designed for Humanitarian projects. This is where you have so much money, that you can’t even spend the part you are getting in cash.
May everyone have that kind of exchange.
Most likely however, the bulk of the Money going to a structured payout program, will be the extra money offered above the international rate, through the private Negotiation. In short, you can keep only the international rate money you get, or get even more money on a payout program. Take it or leave it. Is this exactly how it will go? I don’t know and neither will you until you are sitting at the exchange. BUT, I bet, it will all sound good to you then.
This is another NO-Worry item because you will not get all the information you need to know until you are sitting at your exchange. Then at the exchange you can ask every question you can think of and get all the REAL answers you need before you make a decision. No matter what your options will be at that time, I guarantee you that they will all be amazing!!!! But for now, this is a No-Worry item for me.
#5) Safe Ways to Give

Do you hire an attorney to give out money anonymously, or give it yourself? What is the best way to handle your friends and family? Should you move or go on vacation? While these are all great questions, they don’t need to be answered right now. Speculation is great and even fun, but the best time to make those kind of decisions is after you have the money in the bank and you are thinking from a wealthy point of view instead of a broke point of view.
Ideas that seem great to you now, may change once you are actually rich. It is a different place psychologically than where you are now, and while you can imagine how it will feel, the actual reality of it will be way different when you get there (In A Good Way).
Remember also that you will have the money to get the best advice and help that money can buy. After this goes, there will be countless ideas popping up on the web on what to do and how to do it. You will have the time to consider them all and decide then what you want to do. In the Mean-Time, this is a NO Worry item. Think about it if you like, but don’t worry about it. Time and money is on your side.
The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there really are important things to think about before the exchange, but everything else can wait. You are about to experience a big change in every aspect of your life.
Many of the things you are worrying about now, shouldn’t even be considered yet, much less decided on, until you are in the “RIGHT” place to make the best decisions.
Think of the progression time-line of the coming events, and move decisions into the best place on the progression time line where you will be in the best position to make good decisions on them. Until it is “their time” to be considered and decided, they are NO-WORRIES for now.
Signed: One Who Believes