Parliamentary Finance announces the review of the petro dollar fund project in the budget law

The Finance Committee, headed by Atwan Al-Atwani and the attendance of its members, resumed its meetings, today, Wednesday, to discuss the draft federal budget law for the years 2023-2024-2025, study the tables included within them, and prepare a comprehensive plan and vision for the committee’s work, in order to present the budget and vote on it.

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In a statement received by {Euphrates News}, the committee confirmed a copy of it: “its keenness, commitment and continuation of meetings after preparing its own report and reading it during the second reading of the law in the House of Representatives,” adding “developing an action plan and program, to complete the discussion of the law and listen to all proposals, as it represents the real detail in the state administration to advance the reality of the country and face challenges, and diagnose strengths and weaknesses, in addition to studying the three-year voting.”
The committee stressed “studying the main axes and forming subcommittees to host ministers and officials, listening to observations, speeding up discussing the paragraphs contained in the budget law and studying and analyzing all the listed tables, in order to complete an investment budget that helps implement projects and cover the actual need of the country, and support the service side.”
The interventions focused, according to the statement, on the importance of supporting the private sector and restarting factories, the energy import file, the possibility of reducing the deficit and making amendments to some budget articles in order to increase revenues and reduce expenditures, and arrange the economic and investment impact on the spending process and strengthen the economy, by maximizing non-oil revenues, and determining priorities related to reducing expenditures and conducting transfers between ministries as needed.
The observations also included emphasizing “rework on lagging projects with the executive authorities, the compensation file, receiving and studying and reporting on all the observations, in addition to addressing the conditions of the categories of their contracts in defense, interior and others, and finding appropriate solutions for them.”

The Finance Committee added that it “owns on supporting service programs according to a clear vision and strategic plan for exchange gates, raising the country’s imports through ports and tax secretariats and automation, and reviewing the Petro Dollar Fund project to support oil-producing governorates, infrastructure development and service and ministerial projects.”المالية-النيابية-تعلن-اعادة-النظر-بمشروع-صندوق-البترو-دولار-في-قانون-الموازنة