Parliamentary Integrity opens the “Travelers’ Dollar” file and warns against imposing taxes on citizens

Shafaq News/ The Parliamentary Integrity Committee announced, on Tuesday, the opening of an investigation into the file of granting dollars to travelers due to suspicions of corruption, while warning of imposing taxes on citizens who received dollars from the electronic platform and did not travel.

Committee member Ahmed Al-Rubaie told Shafaq News Agency, “The electronic platform for granting dollars to travelers has become a type of corruption, whether directly or indirectly,” noting that “there are many parties involved, starting with the Central Bank, considering that the movement of funds originates from the bank. Tourism companies that receive passports and travel documents for the purposes of booking an airline ticket or travel visa, and banking companies that give dollars to people who are not travelling.”

He added, “We received many complaints from citizens who had travel tickets and visas but did not travel. As a result, the dollar was tampered with and the documents of these people were withdrawn from the passenger platform.”

Al-Rubaie stated, “The Parliamentary Integrity Committee sent official letters to the Central Bank and the Integrity Commission for the purpose of conducting investigations in a transparent and high-level manner. This issue poses a danger to citizens who withdraw money in their names, and the taxes imposed on citizens may reach billions of dinars.”

The Rafidain State Bank decided on Tuesday to wait to sell dollars to travelers in some of its branches in Baghdad due to the Central Bank of Iraq not enhancing its share of the American currency.