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We do have some economic news. As you know we have been expecting some major changes. It was interesting to see that China came out with an article in the South China Morning Post that they were headed here. We had reported earlier that their Vice Premier was headed here to do a signing…and that was supposed to be this weekend on Jan.4th.

They had to change their plans after President Trump said they were going to do it on the 15th.  There now seems to be another change of plans. The Chinese have put out a statement that they plan on coming to the US on the 13th to sign phase one of the trade deal.   That is 7 days from now. In China 13 is a lucky number for them.  They like the number 13, and they like the number 8. They apparently do not like the number 4 which means death.  So the Chinese delegation rescheduled the US trip.

Another big Economic thing going on this week …..we are going to have the USMCA signed and potentially on the President’s desk by this next weekend.

So within a one week period we will have the 2 biggest trade deals that the United States has ever signed. The most beneficial to the American people and to the world .  It’s going to benefit Canada, Mexico , China and the rest of the world because of how this is going to restructure and strengthen the economies of all these nations. . which will therefore increase the wealth and security of the rest of the nations globally.

This Chinese trade deal is the foundation for everything to build off of. Many people are also anticipating the announcement of an asset backed currency and this is all part of it in phase 1.

Phase 2 will be very quick….and right now we are in the zone. . (Economic funny zone between Dec 26th  and Jan 24th)

Another interesting financial thing that came out is …as you know the nation of Iraq Parliament voted to ask the United States and all foreign nations to remove all foreign militaries from the nation of Iraq. .

Well President Trump responded by saying “The United States will not leave unless Iraq pays the Us for the Air Base and camps that the US built there. we would hit Baghdad with really strong sanctions. “

 Mr Trump said “ we have a extraordinarily expensive Air Base we built there which cost billions of dollars and was built before my time. . but, we are not leaving without Iraq paying us back for that. “

He does want to get all troops out of the middle east eventually.  He is already pulling troops out of Syria and Afghanistan, and wanted all troops out of Iraq but the situation evolved in Iraq asking us to leave. He says we will but you need to give us our money first.

This will potentially bring in to the US billions…maybe trillions of dollars. If Trump is indeed serious and Iraq will have to pay back the cost of all the US camps and bases in Iraq…(There is a long list of all the camps and bases and how much they cost) this will potentially pay off the US 23 trillion in debt and we will have money left over. If indeed Trump can pull this off we will be out of debt….and I do believe he will. ….

Things are looking very good for major economic changes right now and up to January 24th.