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buck72801:   Just wondering from other then the wonderful researchers we have if we are still on target at a shot for the revaluation this month or even this year (hint)

Masterdinar;  We stand at a better place than we have ever stood before.  The proverbial can has been kicked about as far down the road has it can be kicked.

The conditions for RV have never been better than they are now.  I remember when I first purchased dinar over 11 years ago.  I was told just put your dinar in a shoe box for the next 10 years and one day you are going to wake up and your little investment is going to be worth millions of dollars.

Well it has been over 10 years and our little investment is about to deliver as promised.  Iraq is a country of much promise…it is no Vietnam…it has oil, gas, gold and minerals in the ground.

Iraq is about to join the rest of the world and take its place as a producing nation with value.  We are in the best place we have ever been with this investment…we are the closest to RV that we have ever been.  Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!!  Hallelujah!!!

  I will second this one! Yes, there have been many unexpected events pop up over the past year and one never knows if anything else could slow it down. From our sources, there is not a whole lot more to get in the way of the end result.

I an not all disappointed in the time considering what this country has had to overcome. You have ISIL (ISIS), Maliki, major corruption amount the ranks, and the list goes on, but the we have now reached a very shot list. I am not saying it will be smooth sailing until the end,

however it seems that any storm now is nothing but that. Progress is being made dispite what you read and hear. I am not going to throw in the towel, not after all they have accomplished.

There has been so much misdirectioin regarding information that one does question this investment, but for those that have great contacts actually here in the US and in Iraq, I like where we are and where they are going.

Again, not at the speed we all wanted, but this is not about us, but rather the rebuilding of an entire country. Apparently not as easy as it looks as we are looking for the outside in.

Matter of fact, in a few weeks I will be updated this site for the last time to the newest version offered, thus preparing for the next phase of our wishes and lives.   Blessings,   Steve

Barney Fife:  Since it looks like Iraq has been cut off financially from loans and bonds what’s the next move? Saleh said we will borrow internally and that means reserves?

We’ve got Abadi, Saleh, Shabbi and Zebari all their financial experts discussing the scenarios. It’s not Maliki and the boys it’s the best they have in Iraq. I personally would like to see Shabbi put back, so at least if that’s the final piece ( marine 1 UST Intel) we can check that off the list.

I don’t think will see a HCL implementation until after RV they can’t afford to give up money right now to the citizens. Don’t forget they’ll pay those who leave outside of Iraq too, that money won’t be put back into their economy anytime soon if at all.

I’ve said it before you would think Isis needs to be controlled too so it’s one day at a time. IMO no laws needed but I would love to see the NGL passed.

Semaj703: (Barney) I don’t suppose you got a general time frame by any chance?

Csho:  (semaj703) Are you for real?

Semaj703:  (csho)  That’s was just a failed attempt at some humor.

marine1   semaj…….even in jest it is still a great question……”inquiring minds want to know”……

we asked that question long ago and was basically told that the reval is/was a moving target.

Although he did not/would not elaborate……a reference to corruption was made and he closed that part of the conversation with….just be patient. Since then, we have had many brief chats on the potential and I have only posted interesting and occasionally relevant info.

Many of our PD friends are aware that I often post…..WHILE WE WAIT A_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _E! That’s basically what he suggested long ago……..I’m “all in”  marine1

wldcat03:   Barney…I like your thinking…These guys truly amaze me. I know Abadi is doing everything he can to build a strong government and economy….But it seems like so many are dragging their feet and want to keep borrowing money and keep things status quo….I truly believe they wont RV until the bubble is about to burst and the pressure from the IMF, WB and US is so strong that they fold and revalue.

marine1:   Hey Barney….thanks for the memory…….as chance would have it, I spoke to my Texas partner today that had just spoken to our primary UST contact.

​Both of these gentlemen are in recovery from major medical issues….my partner, colon cancer, 11 surgeries over two years, currently blind but actually now attempting to come back to work, I am his mentor……amazing fortitude….

Our UST guy….heart attack…. also starting to go back to work a day or two a week. Interesting dynamic there at the Treasury…everyone is welcoming him back but he says that he doesn’t really have anything to do…his responsibilities have been dispersed to other high level staff….he is brought up to date on the goings on but is not sharing in the decision processes.

A week or so ago I asked my partner to touch base to see if he could check the temperature on our investment….(the UST guy is HEAVILY invested) This is a guy that has 35 years in government, needs absolutely nothing and has a retirement that most of us can only dream of.

So my partner asked him….WHY the large dinar investment since you have no family to leave a fortune to?

His response was simple…he and his wife have supported many different charities and non profits and plan to leave a substantial legacy.

He is aware that I am also substantially invested and I recently advised my partner that not only was I all in but am still accumulating. My partner told Our UST guy this and his response was “SO AM I”
So there you have it. Straight talk from a source that is likely more in the know than most.

wldcat03:   Remove all the proxy positions, replace the CBI governor, pass the NGL, Investment Law, figure out the HCL that works for all parties, get Maliki out and all his goons, remove all corruption…then …

maybe then the IMF will move Iraq to international status and hopefully their rate goes from an imposed international rate of 1166 to some in the $3’s…

Until all of the above is complete..we wait…I still think late Q1 because there is still so much that needs to be voted on and then implemented

swann1:  if they do approve the budget next week (Snow’s article), the HCL should be part of that.

laws? who knows where they really are with that OR what’s up with m.

i read the Judiciary article to say that Mahmood acknowledged the current ‘team’ is going to be replaced….. that should be part of m’s future as well.

buck72801:   Oil Minister: the need to be built next year’s budget on the basis of incorrect

Oil Minister: the need to be built next year’s budget on the basis of incorrect

{Baghdad: integrity}
Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the need to ensure that next year’s budget buildings be correct, as well as its information and numbers.

Said Abdul-Mahdi, in a statement received (newspaper rectitude) a copy of it today, “some sites published a draft budget for 2016; because the budget is a serious and sensitive depend on a lot of economic activity; therefore care must be taken to be its premises are true, as well as its information and numbers.” Ended (15)   Facebook

wldcat03:   Thought I would share this nugget. This is an email that I received this morning from my friend who got me into this investment 5 years ago;

Hey bud I do know someone, but he works for the pentagon. He’s invested and just says be patient.  However a few weeks back I caught up with an old friend from high school who was in the army for 12 years.  Was in Iraq three times. How ever we spoke about how I have these pink 25,000 dinar notes and he asked if they had saddam Hussein on it I told him no.

He then told me if I have Iraqi dinar newer notes that I made the best investment of time period. He also said how much the media is not saying is ridiculous and Iraq has so many projects going on and that soon I will be financially set. His next question to me was when and where did I buy my dinar.

But basically said Iraq is too naturally resourceful to not have a value and the USA is going to reap benefits of them coming out globally once again. They have more gold and oil than before, they are more well off than all other middle east countries just waiting.

And for what I don’t know. Nobody does but all the banks opening in Iraq for international banking and online banking is a good sign.