In Pimpy's Investment Chat 

A lot of people are coming to me saying, “Everywhere we go right now it’s really hard to find Iraqi dinar.” Do not buy the ones with Saddam Hussein on there. Do not buy the Swiss dinar. This is something very interesting I’m seeing happening a lot. This is XXXX [Dinar Dealer site]…when you go down here and you select your currency…there’s a problem…they are out of stock of Iraq dinar. They have zero. None. None whatsoever. People are complaining…ZZZZZ  [Another Dinar Dealer] has not sent a lot of people’s orders. They are way behind.  They keep saying they’re going to send them and they still have not sent their orders…be very careful about who you’re dealing with.

If you live next to an International airport, most likely that airport will have a currency exchange center.  You can go there and buy your currency there…just Google it…I think there’s a lot of speculators in here right now that are all anticipating the same thing we are. That we are very close to the rate change getting ready to take place therefore you can’t find it hardly nowhere… [When buying currency confirm the date they will ship your dinar and if they have the dinar on hand.]