In Pimpy's Investment Chat

I told you guys things were starting to go and move at neck-breaking pace. Things are going really really good. We’re that close IMO to the rate change happening for the Iraqi dinar…there’s a push and I know I’m right about this…we see a lot of things happening at one time. Article: “Al – Kazemi on the strategic dialogue with America: It was confirmed for the first time the recognition of national sovereignty”. Didn’t I tell you what they needed to do?  Did I not say they have to restore their sovereignty and then we need their currency to be recognized internationally? I’m telling you what’s gonna happen is when they get here into the United States you’re gonna see it.

You’re gonna see a Rose Garden Podium speech with Al-Kazemi and Trump and Trump is gonna say to the international community it’s time to restore the sovereignty of Iraq so that the Iraq people can start moving ahead and rebuilding their country and by doing so we need to remove the restrictions off of their currency and it will once again be recognized internationally which means banks like Wells Fargo, Chase banks and other banks that deal with currency will then be able to either sell or buy from from you the Iraqi dinar…we’ve been waiting for this…Iraq’s national sovereignty – that is the key…it’s about to happen.  It definitely looks like it’s about to happen.