In Pimpy's Investment Chat

What you are going to see first is like this – The agreement between Kurdistan and Iraq hammered out and fixed.  (I feel like that’s the true reason he [Kazemi] has not been to the United States yet…) As soon as that is done hopefully Ms Plasshart talks to the United Nations saying, ‘This is done.  It’s good.  Iraq is doing everything they said they were going to do.’  She thinks it’s time to reinstate the sovereignty. Al-Kazemi comes over here to the Untied States, meets with Trump. They have a good meeting…Then what we’re gonna do is wait for Trump to then introduce to the world Al-Kazemi.  In that speech I’m hoping what we’ll hear is Trump encouraging international community to once again recognize the sovereignty of Iraq – Therefore removing any type of restrictions on their currency and we see it on the Forex.

Just because Trump says he recognizes their sovereignty doesn’t mean it happens instantaneously.  Having said that it doesn’t mean I’m kicking the can down the road.  I think it’s going to happen shortly after that…I think what happens is probably a week or two later you’ll see this done.  It’s going to be shortly after the speech. But we just want to hear it be done. Then sometime shortly after that we will see what the rate it going to be on the Iraqi dinar as it gets on the Forex trading.