In Pimpy's Investment Chat

There’s a lot of people in the group they always feel this is never going to happen. I get that…it’s been stretched out over years. Over 10 years.  15 years for people. So I get that their frustration.  If I may make a suggestion…you can go ‘I’m done. This isn’t going to happen.’ Sell your currency back. And ignore it all together. Or what you could do instead of driving yourself crazy. Cut off the news for a little bit. That includes me…If everyday you’re waking up with anticipation I would imagine there are only so many times you can be let down…this is why people shouldn’t say dates or rates. The truth of the matter is nobody knows…be grounded.  Be calm. It is going to happen. That’s my opinion.  It appears to be happening very very soon. You can see all the signs that are here…hang tight, be cool and have faith.