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There is talk about Iraq going back to its normal fiscal period…the year would start in April. Their half year would be October. That’s what it used to be and that would line them up with other Arab nations that are all part of the Arab Monetary Fund…Let’s see if inside this new budget we do see the rate change. That’ll be really nice… Quote: “…revealed the handing over of the 2020 budget to the house of representative next October. Staring to work on a budget of 2021.  Noting it would be delivered to the parliament in October noting that it would be studied and approved early” October seems to be a big month for a lot of reasons…Something about this month of October. You know there’s the rumors of when Trump’s going to be meeting with IMF bank.  We’ll see what happens there. Obviously they’re putting forward their budget in October as well.  This could all mean something or maybe it won’t.  We’ll keep an eye on it.