In Pimpy's Investment Chat 

People are like, ‘Weren’t we told that on September 15th the rate will happen?’ I was like yeah, I know. ‘Weren’t we told that on the 18th the rate change is gonna happen?’ Yeah I know. ‘Weren’t we told on the 2020 budget we would see a rate change?’ Yeah I know.  I didn’t tell you guys that.  Other people did.  See this is why I try to avoid the dates and the rates because it’s all speculation…what did I say?  Do not get excited even if it’s good news and don’t get down if it’s bad news…I try to bring an educated perspective.  We take a look at the evidence.  Get an idea of when it might happen.  But the truth is nobody knows…there’s nothing wrong with listening to other people’s information …that’s what I encourage you guys to do.  But be very careful when they make some very over promising predictions.