In Pimpy's Investment Chat 

Remember…even if they did a rate change right now over here in America it’d be really hard to exchange your currency. There are some restrictions on the currency…Article: “Iraq announces its exit from the list of “high risk” countries and an increase in its oil exports”  Quote:  “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces that it has succeeded in reinstating the activities of 169 Iraqi companies and institutions out of the 230 entities banned by the U.N Security Council resolution 1518 which classifies Iraq as a high-risk country seeking to lift a ban on the rest of the entities.”  Yay! Come on Iraq! That means they’re doing good. We’re almost there…Yeah, go ahead you can do the pee-pee dance…we’re not out of the wood-works yet but we’re still working on it…Iraq is being allowed to open more and more to the international community. This is good news. Very excited about this. This is what we were hoping to see.