In Pimpy's Investment Chat 

Here in the United States there’s a restriction on the currencies {Iraqi dinar]. You used to be able to go into Chase bank and other banks to buy…but they stopping selling for for now. Once whatever this is that happens happens obviously they’ll remove the restrictions and allow the banks to do the exchange. When I talked to my bank manager which I’m at Wells Fargo and I asked him what do I do if this happens…He said it’s real simple. Bring the currency into me.  He said obviously if you have millions of dollars we’re not going give you millions of dollars to walk out with a shopping cart. It doesn’t work that way. We would have a set appointment so they can order that amount of money. I said ok. He says if you’re just depositing into your bank account, bring in the money, we validate that it’s real. I’ll tell you what the exchange rate is and how much money is going into your bank. If you agree we charge you like 1% or 1.5% fee. He said it just that simple and I said wow ok.