In Pimpy's Investment Chat 

I knew this was coming…people are really happy about the Biden Administration coming in there.  China is one.  Russia is another.  Iran is the other. Video “Iran to U.S – Lift sanctions immediately”. Oh, trust me they’re dancing. The 3rd term of Obama administration – [Iran is saying] ‘glory hallelujah. We’re gonna get some money and nuclear bomb and we get to terrorize the whole Middle East.’ So much for peace in the Middle East. There could be a benefit from this.  And what is that benefit? Yes, the Iranian Rial…as soon as those sanctions are lifted this really will help their economy out. It was crippled.  It was just about dead.  Trump had him up against the ropes. Now these people are going to give him a reprieve. No sanctions. Strong economy. Strong Rial.