In Pimpy's Investment Chat 

There is a political block…that is refusing to vote. They’re boycotting unless the rate change is in there  [The 2021 budget]. But what they’re demanding is it be restored to…1190 for one dollar. Some people thought that meant they would go back to the old rate. I would love it if they did that.  Could they still do that? Yes. They might. But there is no indication that they will.  Would they announce it? No. When Kuwait did their switch…in the news they told everybody that it wasn’t gonna happen for a while, then they turned around they did it the next day or the day after. Anything is possible but first and foremost we definitely got to make sure…what’s going on in Erbil/Baghdad get their things ironed out so we can get this budget passed…now they’re postponing the vote for one week.

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