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We know that some countries are holding on to large amounts of IQD – That I can validate. I can tell you that’s for reals…70%-72% of the money is accounted for and not sitting in the hands of speculators and not sitting in the hand of the corrupt people…people were like, ‘if you go to reinstate they’ve printed way too much money. There’s no way they can afford that.’ Well you’re assuming that all the money is in the hands of speculators out in public. I’m saying it’s not. It’s in the hands most of the banks.

As they start accounting for where the dinars are and they’re doing that right now, you can understand the difference between trying to reinstate a rate where 85% of your currency might come back at you all at one time at a rate of $3 per dinar.  That would kill an entire economy…If you remember the articles when Al-Kazemi was like ‘where the hell is our dinar?’  There was very little there in country…They started investigating further and they started taking this money back…I can tell you that a good portion of this money is being recovered but there’s still a little too much out there for them to reinstate a rate…this is just speculation on my part based on the tidbits of information that we get when we speak to people who are currency movers.

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