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If they know they printed out X amount of dinars but they can only account for a small amount of it you can’t do a rate change. Let’s say that 85% of all the outstanding dinar is exchanged at around the same time it would crash the economy. Let’s say you can account for 94-96%…it’s easy to reinstate the old rate because you know there’s a small amount of dinar out there that you are going to have to account for as far as the rate change is concerned…we know that the money was missing.  We know that Al-Kazemi was investigating that. That’s all public knowledge. We also know that they’re doing what they can right now to recover that money. What is the other option?

Well they can’t afford the other option – to say look this currency is no good.  Discontinue it and print a new currency. Can’t do that. It affects the public and they can’t afford to do that. But if you’re being told by your investigator  ‘Hey look…we know based on our investigation we can recoup maybe 94-96% of the money.’ That’s acceptable …as much as they’ve recouped, I don’t want to do dates. We’ll see what happens. I don’t think it’s going to take as long as you people think, it really isn’t.

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