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Article: “Iraq’s foreign money between the anvil of creditors and the hammer of protecting the US Federal Bank”. There are a handful of articles that keep talking about this…we have been holding on to some money for Iraq for a long time. There have been a lot of creditors trying to get in there but there was an agreement…the United States told everybody else hands off period. Nobody could come after this money.  All debt is considered settled once they pay these things off.  Why do they keep talking about that?

I can’t help but smile because IMO what I think is going to happen once the troops leave Iraq is gaining their sovereignty, they pay their remaining debt off – they have the money to do it quickly with Kuwait and this other company then they should be debt free. Then we give them their funds back. If they get their funds back…does that mean they should reinstate the rate the United Council was talking about which is $3.22?

In 2017 what did they [United Council] say? Iraq has…done nothing to lose the value of their currency. It should be reinstated at $3.22…If they indeed used the revenue from oil to destroy 70% of the currency that was in circulation…is it low enough where they can now reinstate once they get their money, their sovereignty, once their debts are paid?  Is it possible?  Again…the United Council said what?  They’ve done noting to lose the value of their currency.  There’s no reason for it not to be reinstated at $3.22…Is it possible they’re going to give them their funds back?  Is it possible there’s enough in there to cover the $3.22 rate?

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