In Pimpy's Investment Chat

Article: “TBI [Trade Bank of Iraq] announces capital increase to $3bn under new 3 year strategic vision” There’s a 3-year plan they’re talking about. Between 2020 and 2023…we are in 2020. The rate change we are anticipating will happen this year. I’ve talked to a lot of people that deal in exchanges. These people said there are very very rich people coming in and buying large amount and not just because they’re rich and just because they have the money to buy large amounts does not immune them from being stupid. What does it mean? Who knows. Does it mean anything? It’s hard to say. We just think it’s interesting. But more importantly is the fact that there’s large financial institutions that are making a play on the Iraqi dinar. We’re trying to figure out what that means. It might not mean anything to the common Joe but who knows. We’re about to find out.