In Pimpy's Investment Chat

I’ve gotten into a pretty good lengthy conversation with a few people…they wanted to voice their opposition to why we should invest in a dinar…they said the currency is a scam. And I of course was able to prove to them that the currency is not a scam.  It can’t be a scam – the currency itself.  I can take my dinar, go into Iraq and use it to buy things. So The currency itself is not a scam. Now we all know that people have taken the currency itself, Iraq dinar, and they have committed scams with this currency. That’s why you’ve got to be careful…there’s a huge difference between whether this currency is a real scam or if the people are using it as a scam.

They said, well you never see anybody on normal mainstream talk about investing in this.  I go yeah, there’s been a couple occasions. There’s lots of videos out there and I shared a couple with him…CNBC’s Video “Jim Cramer of Mad Money Talks About Iraqi Dinar” They’re talking about the actual currency itself…it doesn’t make a difference how old the video is…pay attention to what the whole point of these videos are and that is they’re encouraging people…this CNBC.  Jim Cramer is not a small fry. This guy has a pretty good following. He’s encouraging people to buy into the dinar.