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I’m watching some interesting wording in some of these articles that make you go, man!? …I keep telling people it’s going to go up in increments but a lot of these articles appear to be pointing at an RI or an RV and trust me when I tell you I don’t say that lightly because I don’t fall for that.  I think they’re going up in increments… Article:  “The central bank reserves jump to 64 billion dollars and an important US decision is awaited by Iraq”  This is one of those articles…which gives you the impression that they’re definitely going to do some type of RI or RV.  One of the things that helps strengthen the currency is your foreign reserves.  How much you have does play a big part of it… Quote:  “an important U.S decision is awaited by Iraq.”  Like the removal of Chapter 7 hopefully?  This is huge for the international reserves.  That’s a big amount of money.

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