In Global, Pimpy's Investment Chat 

I’m here to keep everyone grounded…this is interesting here [General Price Index]…this does absolutely look exciting.  Do you think I wouldn’t be excited if this is accurate?  Of course it would be excited because it looks like the value has increased one thousand fold.  And, yes, I do see the comma [462,830]…But…is it possible that this was meant to be a decimal [462.830] by mistake was put there a comma and a correction will come later? …this was done in February.  What month are we in?  April.  We know for a fact that march they suspended and stopped the action on the ISX…March is done…do you think somebody’s going to let that type of cat out of the bag?  Do you really think that this is legitimate?  Could be.  But seems to me we would have heard a lot more about it…you would see mad amount of people, investors, fund managers, all kinds of people running just buying out the dinar…could this just be another glitch in the system that needs to be corrected?  …again I’m here to keep you guys as grounded as possible…let’s hope this is accurate…I think that would put us around if I’m not mistaken about $1.13 – $1.34…I would love that because that would make me look like a freaking genius…[but] the Central Bank of Iraq has made boo-boos before.