Pimpy  …we know the UN, the IMF and the State Department, Mike Pompeo, anyways are going to be meeting in Iraq in June.  We know this is gonna happen.  I know you guys are hoping just like I do that they go ahead and remove the restriction off the currency and allow them to trade on the Forex. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that happens.  If they do then…look forward to a lot of speculators to jump all over that currencyThere are people who want to invest in a currency but are concerned because the currency is not recognized internationally.  So you can only imagine what that’s gonna do to the currency once it is floating and you can invest in it.  It’s gonna drive that sucker up.  That just my opinion…


Vietnam Dong Rate News 04/28/20

Pimpy’s Investment Chat:  Apr 28, 2020