Article: “Agreeing on public voting at the session to give confidence to the Al-Kazemi government” …our boy Kazemi, it looks like he’s going to pass…It looks like all the different voting blocks are going to go ahead and pass him…the constitution of Iraq article 76 says if they turn down this current nomination as PM then that means it gives the president the right to dissolve the parliament which is what I want to happen…what does this mean to our Iraqi dinar?  What we’re looking for is stability.  I don’t believe this government has anything to do with whether or not the rate change gets changed.

We do know that the U.N and IMF work in tangent with one another and they’re the people that’s going to pull the trigger on this deal…in order for the restriction on their currency to be removed there needs to be some type of stability.  So having a PM in there along with his cabinet is going to lend a lot to stabilities to what’s going on there in Iraq.  Hopefully the UN will remove the restrictions and we’ll see the IQD on the Forex.  Once it starts trading I believe a lot of speculators are gonna jump all over that currency causing the exchange rate to jump up…we will see shortly.