There’s this weird type of energy, this weird type of upbeat feeling for some reason. Everybody’s feeling really good…we were this close last year but why does it seem different?  Because it does feel a little different…there’s like this weird optimism happening.  I can share with you why I feel optimistic about this.  1 – the Prime Minister is in there.  2 – His cabinet is not far from being done. 3 – If Donald Trump has control of the IQD reevaluation it would make sense to me if I were him if I was gonna pull the trigger I would do this between now and election day which is only a few months away. And the reason for that is we need to have some kind of economical rebound. Some kind of economical boom.

There are a lot of people out there that hold Iraqi dinar. There is a lot of us anticipating that the reinstatement rate or the revaluation rate is somewhere [between] $1 to $3.50…that is going to create a lot of millionaires…people are going to go out there and spend their money. You’re going to see a bump in the economy enough to where it would win him reelection for sure.  That’s just my opinion. That seems to be the consensus between everybody that I’m talking to. Even people that don’t even like Trump are like If Trump changes the rate I would vote for him.