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Article: “Trump to Al-Kazemi: Iraq is a strong and important country ready to support its economy”. Wow…what are some of the ways Trump can help Al-Kazemi support its economy over there in Iraq? Yep, you guys are thinking the same thing I am.  Change the rate…I’m telling you I’ve been doing the pee-pee dance a little bit on this.  It’s a lot of activity. A lot of talk about the economy.  I think if Trump really wants to keep Iraq in his good graces as well as the American people he’ll just go ahead and change the rate.  This will kill three birds with one stone.  1.  It will kick-start the economy over here in the United States.  2.  It would kick start the economy around the world because so many people hold on to the Iraqi dinar.  3. It would help out the Iraqi people greatly…I like the fact there’s a lot of activity going on between Trump, Mike Pompeo, the UN as well as Iraq.  This is big.