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What’s going on? Iraq to change the dinar rate??? We’ve been here before and they’re talking about it again…a lot of you already know about this chitter-chatter… Article: “Parliamentary Committee determine options to address financial distress”. Quote: “…among these options is changing the exchange rate.” I know you’re doing the pee-pee dance because I was doing it too when I saw this…here we go again. Last March they talked about how they’re gonna change the rate and then all KaKa pee-pee broke out and it didn’t happen…this has been going on for a little while but it’s nice to see them talking about it. We’ve all been feeling this weird vibe that something’s gonna happen this year. We don’t want to jinx it so think positive…it’s gonna happen. We know it’s going to happen.

We don’t know what rate it’s gonna  be. I still think the sweet spot is between $1.13 and a $1.34. Don’t get me wrong I’ll take higher than that but it makes sense to me in order for Iraq to rebuild and be competitive a rate of around $1.34 makes way more sense…Let’s stay grounded.  We’re looking good. I think we’re in a good position.  It looks like it’s finally gonna happen. Again first round of drinks on me – Vegas.