We’re got more chitter-chatter talking about the Iraqi dinar rate. Man this has been an ongoing conversation …  Article: “Parliamentary source:  Al-Kazemi’s government will print the currency to pay employee salaries”. Wow what does that mean Pimpy? Here’s my question, They have issued already 55 trillion dinars. Less than 5% of it is in country.  Less than 9% of the people have banking accounts.  Where the hell is all that money? Why do they need to print more money? Why aren’t they using the money that they’ve already printed? Makes you wonder doesn’t it. Hmmm. I still think that the Iraqi dinar is gonna be used somehow as a poor man’s reserve dollar. It just makes sense because I can’t understand why they need to print more.

They’re…talking about messing with the exchange rate. This is interesting. One group of you are perceiving this as this is good because if the rate is 1190 and they lower it that’s actually an increase on our side. The other part of you guys are going wait a minute. No. That’s not what it means. If they decrease the rate then that means what?  That it takes more Iraqi dinars per dollar…I can see what you mean. I could see it could go both ways. This is a good question. It’s kind of hard to figure out what they’re saying here…we’ve also heard there’s a possible wave of negative news that’s gonna come out about the dinar to discourage people. I don’t know if I believe all that.  My point is this. I’m gonna hold on to my dinar and see what happens. I don’t trust a lot of the crap that’s floating around. I want to see for myself what they do.