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Bruce call: Guys, I have to tell you we are hearing some good reports what is going on with these currencies around the world. We are in the moment now for all this to come about. WE are hearing confirmations of rates that are strong, very good.

Bruce call: things that are transacting like these various bonds, going over tonight. That is happening in conjunction with the actual revaluation of currency. Humanitarian funding is supposed to begin tomorrow. Some of this depending on the bonds transacting.

Bruce call: guys we are in the moment right now for this to go down. It can take place as a slow roll out. We do believe hearing very very good things. Things moving in direction of the groups. Just about to receive the incredible blessing we are looking for.

Bruce call: Wish I can say more, but it would be insensitive and a mistake to put it out. This is to fold out as a slow roll out. We do expect to roll out through this week, and a great place to begin seeing it.