Rasheed Bank announces the launch of the second issuance of construction bonds with competitive interest

Al-Rasheed Bank announced today, Sunday, the start of the process of issuing the second batch of construction bonds.

A statement issued by the bank, a copy of which NRT Arabia received, stated that its branches have begun working on issuing these bonds to citizens wishing to purchase, specifying the following details:

1. A bond of denomination (500,000) dinars, with a value of five hundred thousand dinars, with an annual interest of (6%), to be paid every six months for two years.

2. A bond denomination of (1,000,000) million dinars, with an annual interest rate of (8%), to be paid every six months for a period of four years.

This step comes within the framework of the bank’s efforts to enhance public financing and provide opportunities for citizens to invest in development projects that enhance the local economy.