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There are reports of a big street parade today throughout the weekend extending into Monday celebrating the victory of the military, the end of Ramadan and the EID holiday.

EID starts immediately following Ramadan on June 25, 2017.

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We have all bases covered.

What do we have so far to have all bases loaded?

We have Iraq talking about this is the final victory week, with the final victory celebration upcoming.

Public celebrations already underway for the troops.… Read More


Based on all the information I have received from multiple sources, private and public, I will share with what I believe.

Starting with the US, I am led to believe that the authorization is in place for this RV to … Read More


[Do you think it will get out of this month?]

Sure, I think it will happen this month…

As far as Iraq is concerned we can only depend on what they tell their people, and what they do.… Read More


Everything is all quiet.

Citizens are still being told ‘reconciliation that the end of Ramadan’, and then there is a three-day holiday, which takes us to the end of the month.

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From the weekend update…Iraqi television showed troops celebrating privately, and there should be public celebrations today.

Military leaders are claiming there are only two miles left for Mosul to be fully liberated.

Today there are 1.5 districts left, supposedly, with … Read More

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Iraqi TV is showing Iraqi troops and PM Abadi celebrating a private victory in Mosul.

A public victory celebration is expected for Monday. (Just not sure WHICH victory is being celebrated)

Military leaders are claiming that only 2 miles remain … Read More