Regional Finance Minister: We agreed with Baghdad on Kurdistan’s share in the 2023 budget

The Minister of Finance and Economy of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Awat Janab Nuri, confirmed on Tuesday the agreement with the federal government on the region’s share of the budget for the current year 2023.

During the Consul General’s reception of the United States Agency in Erbil, Zahra Bell, the head of the political and economic department, David Codel, political official Joshua Lewis, and the economic and energy expert at the consulate, Fahill Amidi, explained the latest results of the talks between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad, according to a statement reported to Shafaq News.

“Within the framework of the KRG’s decision to resolve the problems with Baghdad, we showed maximum flexibility, and we reached an agreement on the regional budget and the final drafting of the items was finalized by both sides,” the statement quoted Nouri.

For her part, the Consul General praised the role of the delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government in reaching an agreement with the Iraqi government on the budget and oil and gas issues in the Kurdistan Region.كوردســتانيات/وزير-مالية-الاقليم-اتفقنا-مع-بغداد-على-حصة-كوردستان-في-موازنة-2023