Sandy Ingram

“This is What Happens the Morning the IQD Increases in Value Against the US Dollar” [Series 2 of 5]  …The Iraqi Dinar floats to 25 cents to one IQD…Regardless of what the status of exchanging your IQD for USD is,  you will want to develop a cough and call in sick…Stay very calm.  Do not text family members, and only tell your spouse if

they can be trusted to keep the information a secret…call your boss at work later on in the day and explain that you will be in to work the next day or in two days.  YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR DAY JOB UNTIL YOU CAN INVEST YOUR PROFITS AND CREATE A POSITIVE CASH FLOW FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY.  If you do anything else, you are in the fast lane to going broke. [Series 2 of 5]