Simon Black About That “No One Is Above The Law” Nonsense…

About That “No One Is Above The Law” Nonsense…


April 5, 2023  Simon Black  Sovereign Man


In late 1999, I was speeding along Interstate 88 in upstate New York, in a big hurry to go see my girlfriend at the time, when I saw flashing red-and-blue lights in my rearview mirror. My heart sank as I pulled over, knowing that the speeding ticket I was about to receive would be financially devastating.


But I was extremely lucky.


The New York State Trooper who pulled me over noticed my short hair, my youth, and military ID, and he asked me if I was a West Point cadet. I was. And then, for some reason I still don’t understand to this day, he let me off with just a warning.


I couldn’t believe it; I was driving way too fast, so he absolutely should have written me a ticket. But he didn’t.


I hadn’t thought about that encounter in years… right up until yesterday afternoon when I saw a number of deranged lunatics and progressive media outlets gleefully cheering the indictment of a former President, under the guise that “no one is above the law.”


This made me reflect on my experience as a speedy young cadet being let off with a warning. Did that mean I was “above the law” back in 1999?


It made me realize that, in a sense, EVERYONE is “above the law” to a certain degree. Think about it: in the Land of the Free, the ‘Code of Federal Regulations’ runs nearly 200,000 pages. And that doesn’t even include the mountain of state and local rules that exist.


This means that most people are almost certainly in violation of a whole host of laws and regulations, most of which we’ve never heard of.


For example, because of poorly worded language contained in section 1030 of Title 18 of the US Code, even connecting to an open WiFi network can be a violation of federal law and carry a sentence of up to 10 years in prison. I’ll come back to this.


But let’s be honest– there are other laws that we know about yet choose to ignore. Inviting your friends over to the house to play poker is technically illegal in many states (if you play for money). But people still do it. People drive while texting every single day, even though this is illegal in almost every state.


Naturally, most people get away with such activities. Doesn’t that mean that virtually everyone is above the law in some capacity?


Even district attorneys now selectively ignore the law when deciding whether to bring charges against criminal suspects. San Francisco famously decided to stop prosecuting shoplifters. And there are alarming cases across the country where violent criminals, whose charges have been dropped by progressive prosecutors, go out and kill innocent people.


One tragedy that stands out took place on November 21, 2021 in Waukesha, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee.


On that day, a crazy-eyed psychopath drove his SUV into a local Christmas parade, killing six people and injuring 62. The perpetrator was a known, violent criminal, plus a registered sex offender. And only days before, he had been arrested for attempting to run a woman over with his car… but released on an insignificant bail.


That’s because the local prosecutor, District Attorney John Chisolm, intentionally set a policy of releasing violent criminals onto the streets in the name of ‘social justice’.


In a 2007 interview with the local press, in fact, Chisolm even predicted tragedy by saying “Is there going to be an individual I divert, or I put into treatment program, who’s going to go out and kill somebody? You bet. Guaranteed. It’s guaranteed to happen.”


So apparently these violent criminals who benefit from the generous clemency of District Attorney John Chisolm (and countless other progressive prosecutors just like him) are also “above the law”.


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