The government does not have a magic wand to limit market transactions and the path of development will build a new Iraq

{Political: Euphrates News} Political advisor to Prime Minister Mohamed Shiaa al-Sudani stressed on Thursday that the government does not have a magic wand to limit black market transactions but is proceeding at a confident pace to address.

The political advisor said in a televised statement that followed by {Euphrates News}: “The Prime Minister sent to the world in New York multiple messages about the new Iraq form that we want international relations, internal stability, combating corruption, and the establishment of security and the file of services, electricity and health are among the priorities of the Prime Minister.”

He added, “The file of corruption was present in the Prime Minister’s speech in front of the world and called it the “Corruption Pandemic” and considered it as one of the main challenges that the government insists on facing, while releasing important messages on human rights, addressing the file of displaced people and post-ISIS harbines, compensating affected civilians and providing basic life components to restore and stabilize them.”

He added that “the Prime Minister announced a very important file, which is the adoption of the policy of protecting civilians, as Iraq is one of the first countries in the region to adopt a policy of protecting civilians in wars, conflicts and disasters,” pointing out that “the Prime Minister’s meetings with the US Treasury and the Federal Treasury were successful and the Prime Minister adopted a policy of “economic networking” to advance the country.”

He pointed out that “the paper of the political agreement is a binding document for the government as the platform voted by the House of Representatives and they are understandings that serve the country.”

He pointed out that “the trade exchange between Iraqi and Iranian traders is about 20 million dollars a day and this causes pivotal pressure on the currency file,” stressing that “the government does not have a magic wand to limit black market transactions, but it is proceeding at a confident pace to address.”

He pointed out that “the government calls on citizens to use the electronic card in financial transactions and the most feasible Iraqi development path in terms of a purely economic point of view and will build a new Iraq along the western side of the country.”

He expressed that “global companies will work to build city vesicles along the development road and will pass through 10 governorates to the Iraqi-Turkish border, from which it will be connected to the highway network in Turkey.”

“The development path will turn the areas on its sides by 7 km on both sides of the road along the line (16,660,000 km) km into cities, factories, factories, warehouses and investment projects that contribute to diversifying sources of income,” he said.

Al-Shammari concluded his speech, “Industrial cities will be established along the path of development.”مستشار-السوداني-الحكومة-لاتمتلك-عصا-سحرية-للحد-من-تعاملات-السوق-وطريق-التنمية-سيبني-عراقا-جديداً