The Iraqi Central Bank denies the disappearance of large amounts of local currency and its smuggling to some neighboring countries

The Central Bank of Iraq confirmed today, Saturday, that the accusations circulating about the disappearance of large amounts of local currency and their smuggling to neighboring countries are incorrect, indicating that the quantities of Iraqi currency are printed according to the needs of the national economy and under strict standards.

The bank explained in a statement, a copy of which NRT Arabia received, that the first issue of Emaar bonds was sold in full in accordance with the needs of the Ministry of Finance and the requirements of the General Budget Law.

The statement indicated that the bank enjoys complete transparency, as its accounts and operations are subject to audits by the Financial Supervision Bureau, an international auditing company, a committee of external auditors, in addition to the Internal Audit Department.

The Central Bank expressed its readiness to legally prosecute any party that promotes accusations without providing evidence to prove their validity, stressing its right to protect the state’s economic interests and respond to such allegations, which it considers misleading and aimed at harming the national reputation.