The Iraqi Central Bank is taking new measures to exchange dollars to travelers

The Central Bank of Iraq has recently taken new measures within the dollar exchange mechanism to travelers in order to prevent fraud, according to what was reported by the Finance Committee in Parliament.

Committee member, MP Mueen Al-Kadhimi, told Shafaq News agency, that the Central Bank has recently taken several measures, the latest of which is the fingerprint and a webcam for the purpose of disbursing $3,000 to real travelers and not repeating it with more than one person more than once.

And Al-Kazemi indicated that some people are using tricks in order to receive the dollar at the official price by purchasing 50-100 travel tickets and an entry visa (Visa) by land, whose price is 25 dollars, in collusion with tourism and exchange companies, indicating that these people receive each A passport of 3 thousand dollars, and a month later they repeat the same entry visa, receiving 3 thousand dollars again for the same passports.

And he indicated that real travelers were denied receiving the dollar, because of these people and the complicity of travel and exchange companies, stressing that the recent measures will prevent this fraud from continuing.

The Iraqi authorities require travelers to present their travel ticket and “Visa” to enter the country they want to travel to, in front of selling them three thousand dollars at the official price set by the Central Bank of Iraq.

Currency traders took advantage of this decision by collecting hundreds of passports from simple people and buying travel tickets and entry visas, in order to buy dollars at the official price and sell them at the parallel market price, collecting profits estimated at millions of dinars daily.