The Iraqi president assures the delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament

The Iraqi president assures the delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament of the importance of approving the budget and starting construction and reconstruction

Twilight News / President of the Republic, Abdullatif Jamal Rashid, stressed on Tuesday the importance of approving the country’s general financial budget and starting construction and reconstruction processes.

This came during his reception at the Baghdad Palace, a delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament, according to a presidential statement received by the Shafaq News Agency.

The meeting discussed political developments in the country, including the Kurdistan Region, where the President of the Republic expressed his vision for the importance of concerted efforts and unifying visions to meet the common challenges facing the country, pointing out that “effective dialogue is required in order to resolve outstanding issues between the federal government and the Kurdistan Region in accordance with the Constitution and the law and in a way that protects

The Iraqi president stressed “the importance of approving the general financial budget of the country because of its impact on the lives of citizens, and initiating construction, reconstruction and basic infrastructure operations, noting the ambitious ministerial program of the government and the need to implement it, especially items directly related to the requirements of citizens in improving living and service conditions.”

He pointed out, “The need for continued coordination and dialogue between the Kurdish political parties, and to start from important joints in putting the interest of citizens in the region and throughout the country during the dialogue.”

For his part, the Kurdistan parliamentary delegation praised the efforts of the President of the Republic in bringing the views of political forces closer together, supporting the consolidation of security and stability in the country and advancing the living and service reality for all citizens.

In this context, Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani received the head of the new generation movement Shaswar Abdul Wahid.

The meeting witnessed a discussion on a number of issues in the Iraqi arena, and an emphasis on supporting the government’s approach in implementing economic reform, combating corruption and improving the living and service reality of citizens throughout Iraq.سیاسة/الر-يس-العراقي-ي-كد-لوفد-برلمان-قليم-كوردستان-همية-قرار-الموازنة-والشروع-بالبنا-وال-عمار