The Ministry of Finance issues 7 new recommendations on financial reform

{local: Euphrates News} The Minister of Finance chaired, today, Tuesday, an expanded meeting of the Committee (Follow-up on the Reform of the Finance Sector) concerned with following up the projects of public financial systems, electronic payment, reducing the phenomena of corruption and evaluating the performance of the ministry’s departments and formations.

The ministry explained, in a statement received by {Euphrates News} a copy of it, that: “The recommendations taken by the committee and the axes discussed were issued:
On paragraph (1) on the development and organization of measures to reduce the phenomena of corruption in the Ministry and its formations and to provide a timetable supporting the end of the phenomena of corruption, our ministerial orders (3354/3592) were issued on 21/125 and (224/32) dated 23/1/8, which included the formation of a committee for the purpose of implementing the National Strategy for Integrity and Anti-Corruption (22-12) on 23/11 and published to our books sent to the Federal Integrity Commission with the two issues (3781) dated 22/13 and (1421/2019) dated 22/16.
Through the meeting held in the Integrity Commission on 22/99, where the ministries were informed of an evaluation table in the response of the ministerial teams and the results showed that this ministry and its team are among a very small number of entities that have completed all the requirements according to the table (attached in link).
Our uncles number (3374) dated 22/22/25, which includes directing all our formations to form a sub-team for each department headed by an assistant director general and an employee of the control department and the relevant departments and the legal department and work continues with these teams by the Central Committee for the permanence of the procedures of the Integrity Commission form and everything

It changes and updates.
The training workshops were held in the presence of members of the Federal Integrity Commission, as well as the presence of the competent team of the workshops and the courses held by the Federal Integrity Commission, the last of which was held in 23/3/12, where the directive was to link the ministerial curriculum and the government program and the forms prepared in advance by the Integrity Commission.
Regarding paragraph (2) on the establishment and organization of procedures for the selection of middle administrative leaders (Assisted Director General / Head of Department)
Those with qualifications, competence and integrity, the tasks of the position of Associate Director General, his job description and the tasks have been determined.
The entrusted to it according to the letter of the Legal Department No. (30878) on 23, 26/23 and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers
No. (Q 1516/21/25/2) on 10/5/3.

– He has the skill and ability to address problems within the work and find solutions to them.
– Contributes to the preparation of the department’s reports in a scientific and cognitive manner and supports the digital transformation of an electronic government building.
– Responds to the vision of senior management and works to support and achieve it.
– To have a bachelor’s degree or higher.
– Knowledge of the objectives of the department’s tasks.
– To be with the laws, instructions and controls.
– He has administrative leadership qualifications.

– His participation in the middle management course.
On paragraph (3) regarding the speedy submission of draft laws, regulations and instructions related to the Ministry
Finance and its formations to keep pace with developments, address the legislative shortage and reduce the phenomena of corruption in sectors
Taxes, customs, insurance, banks and free zones.
1- We refer to the letter of the Legal Department No. (1271) on 23/5/221 addressed to the General Secretariat of the Council
Ministers / Legal Department, which includes sending a draft amendment to the draft law of the Ministry of Finance.

2. We refer to the books issued and addressed to the Council of State, which are as follows:
A- Our letter No. (23475) on 2017/8 sent a draft or amendment of the rules of procedure of the Budget Department.
B- Our book numbered (41646) on 221/130 sending a draft and amending the rules of procedure of the Accounting Department.
C- Our letter No. (108 172) on 22-23/14 sent a draft and amend the rules of procedure of the Legal Department.
D. Our letter No. (1828) on 23/5/16 sending a draft and amending the rules of procedure of a department of the Iraqi Fund
For external development
C. Our book No. (1824) on 2020/12/31, according to which the draft amendment to the Iraqi Fund Law was sent

For Foreign Development No. (7 of 1974) amended and draft amendment to its regulations No. (34 of 1977) the amended
Under it, he re-writt the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers / Legal Department in number 24642 on 22/229 for the presence of observations from the State Council and other relevant departments regarding the draft law to amend the Iraqi Fund Law, while the draft rules of procedure of the Iraqi Fund sent to the Council of State have been completed a written audit by the State Council and is currently with the Legal Department in the Ministry of Finance for the purpose of publishing it in the Iraqi Fact Sheet, in addition to following the procedures for amending Article (3) of the Iraqi Fund Law referred to
The above is for fixing the capital of the Iraqi Fund, which is currently a perspective before the State Council for the purpose of discussing until the completion of its legislation.
H. Our book No. (33526) on 22/10/5 sending the draft rules of procedure to Rafidain Bank
And the rational application is for all government banks.
3- Work is underway to discuss the draft amendment to the law regulating insurance work in coordination with the legal department in the ministry and the insurance office.
4- The draft amendment to the draft law of the General Authority for Free Zones of 1998 will be updated.

5- Updating what was submitted by the General Authority of Customs proposed to amend the General Authority of Customs Law No. 24 of 1984.
6- The General Authority for Taxes submitted a draft amendment to some articles of the Income Tax Law 113 of 1982, which is
Under discussion with the legal department of the ministry.
۷- A committee was formed under Diwani Order 13 of 2022 to review the laws governing commercial work. This ministry was represented as a member of it, and a draft law was prepared.
Economic reform, some of its provisions included amending some articles of the law, including the income tax law, the real estate tax law and the customs law.
Paragraph (4) on the preparation of a specific methodological plan with a time limit to address the delay in the procedures followed in preparing the final account for the years (22, 2022, 20, 20, 201999, 2020, 2019 17, 2016):-

1. Letter of the Accounting Department No. (1271) on 222/27/26 sent to the Federal Financial Supervision Bureau containing the final accounts for the year 2016 and sent to the Federal Financial Supervision Bureau under our letter No. (1217,12) on 23/5/211.
2. We attach a copy of the letter of the Accounting Department No. (939) on 23/5/21 sent to the Federal Audit Bureau containing the final accounts for the year 2017.
3. Based on what was presented by us in the Cabinet session on spending units by sending the final accounts in the year 2020.
4- Regarding the unified treasury account by adopting tabs for the account.
E. Opening a current salary account.
6. The Accounting Department was directed to complete, take and audit the final accounts from 08-2022 through attendance on Friday and Saturday, which is subject to all spending units in charge of sending the shortcomings they have in the said accounts.

Paragraph (5) on developing a program that ensures the proper application of the Financial Management Law No. (6) of 2019 as amended and the Federal Budget Law.
1- Our book numbered (1378) on 23/5/17 containing the procedure on the subject of the unified treasury account, and our books Nos No. 10048 and 10049 on 23/5/222 and the attached is a copy of it herewith
2- Applying the (IFMIS) system in paragraph (5) of the above record.
3- The application of the electronic payment project (POS) and the committee is continuing its work according to the directive of the Prime Minister in the letter of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers No. 2275 dated 23/5/19.
4. Preparing instructions to facilitate the implementation of the Federal Financial Management Law No. (6) of 2019 as amended, and preparing a study of the draft law amending the second to the Federal Financial Management Law (6) of 2019, which ended its work and submitted to the Supreme Committee of the State Council, which objected to the instructions because they violated the provisions of the Financial Management Law.
5- The automation of the work of the General Authority for Taxes
6- The automation of working in the General Authority of Customs.

7- Implementation of the package of procedures to support the retirees segment by the National Pension Agency.
8- Powers to write off debts and assets according to the provisions of Clause X of Article 46 of the Federal Financial Administration Law No. 6 of 2019.
Paragraph (6) With regard to resolving administrative investigations and completing criminal lawsuits in the Federal Integrity Commission, we would like to state the following:
1 – This department issued its deanions (1728) on 23/5/10 to the departments, bodies, banks and companies affiliated with this ministry. In paragraph (3) thereof, the directives include the speedy completion of the administrative investigation according to the specified times in order to resolve the cases before the judiciary, as well as with regard to paragraph (7) thereof regarding the directive of the president
Council of Ministers on the submission of inventory of monthly and quarterly administrative investigations.
2. As for administrative investigations, the matter is concerned with this department, below is its data showing the number of administrative investigations for the period from 23/1/1 to 2023/5/18 and the number completed of them related to integrity investigations, the Office of Financial Supervision and investigations received from other parties, and the total number of investigations 73 completed 67

Paragraph (7) For the purpose of regulating the procedures for controlling and protecting state real estate and preventing infringement on them, the State Real Estate Department has initiated the electronic transformation procedures of this department by contracting with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, the General Company for Electronic Systems. Meetings were held and a joint record was signed between the two parties, which recommended a technical diagnostic visit from the technical team to review and determine the technical requirements of the State Real Estate Department to determine the type of system required for the company to submit its commercial technical offer. The State Real Estate Department also conducted the Real Estate Ownership Inventory and registration of state real estate in Baghdad and the rest of the provinces, and that this matter is considered a primary nucleus for automating work in this department and all its branches.وزاررة-المالية-تصدر-7-توصيات-جديدة-بشأن-الاصلاح-المالي