The second is Arabic.. World Bank expects Iraq’s GDP growth in 2024

The World Bank report for the month of April predicted that Iraq will achieve the second place in the Arab world with the largest GDP growth, during 2024.

“Iraq’s GDP is expected to grow during the current year 2023 by 2.8% after achieving growth during 2022 of 7.9%,” the bank said in a report, seen by Shafaq News.

He added that “it is hoped that Iraq will achieve GDP growth in 2024 by 4.4% to occupy second place after Djibouti, where growth will reach 5.4%,” noting that “Qatar’s GDP growth for the same year will be 2.9%, the UAE 3.4% and Saudi Arabia 3.3%, while the growth for Egypt will be 4%, Jordan 2.4% and Tunisia 3%.”

The World Bank report pointed out that “it is also expected that “the growth of per capita GDP in Iraq during 2024 will increase by 2% from 0.4% in 2023,” explaining that “the highest per capita GDP growth in the Arab countries for 2024 will be the share of Djibouti by 4.2%, followed by the UAE by 3.4%.”

According to the report, the bank’s experts said that “the growth of the Middle East and North Africa region in 2023 will be 3% by 3.1% in 2024, and as the World Bank predicted, that the growth rate of GDP per capita in the region in 2023 will rise to 1.6% and 1.7% in 2024.”

“GDP” gives a general idea of a country’s economic growth, and this growth is usually accompanied by increased employment opportunities and increased wealth, but this criterion does not include whether growth is sustainable or temporary, and whether it will cause economic damage in the medium or long term.

GDP is a purely physical indicator, through which the quality of life in a particular country, or the happiness and comfort of the population, cannot be measured, nor does this indicator take into account the environmental standard and the negative consequences of economic activity that will cost a lot of money in the future.اقتصـاد/الثاني-عربيا-البنك-الدولي-يتوقع-نمو-الناتج-المحلي-ال-جمالي-للعراق-في-2024