The US Treasury will place 4 other banks on the blacklist

Economic expert Diaa Al-Mohsen explained on Wednesday that the US Treasury may work to put 4 private banks on the blacklist, and the matter may reach the Central Bank, which will not be far from the US Treasury’s measures.

Al-Mohsen told Al-Maalouma, “The Iraqi economy follows rumors and this matter applies to the dollar exchange rate, especially when political tensions occur inside Iraq.”

He added, “The visit of the US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury to Iraq took place during a meeting with the Prime Minister and the Governor of the Central Bank, where she stressed the necessity of preserving the dollar and not smuggling it abroad and to neighboring countries, as well as preserving it and ensuring that it is not used to finance terrorism.”

He stated that “the Central Bank and the Monetary Authority had vague and unrealistic answers, and therefore the coming period may witness sanctions on 4 private banks in addition to the other 19 banks, and this matter may go beyond that and reach the Central Bank, which may also be placed under supervision.”