There is no dollar crisis in Iraq

Iraqi President Abdul Latif Rashid denied the existence of a “dollar crisis” in his country, while indicating that American forces would never return to Iraq.

Rashid stated in a television interview that the Federal Supreme Court made its decision in the case of terminating the membership of the Speaker of the House of Representatives “based on the laws,” noting that Al-Halbousi accepted the decision.

The Iraqi President continued: “Now we have begun a new phase to fill the seat of Speaker of Parliament by electing a candidate from among the members of Parliament, and there is currently a first deputy and a second deputy Speaker of Parliament to manage matters, and in a democratic atmosphere these are normal things.”

Regarding the country’s economic situation, and his recent visits to Azerbaijan and Armenia, the Iraqi president stressed “the need to attract investments from various friendly countries.”

He said: “The situation in Iraq now is good from a security standpoint, and this has a significant impact on economic stability. Until a few years ago, we suffered from the repercussions of security instability on the economy. We are ready to implement the government’s program that aims to improve infrastructure in all areas, including That includes energy, water, housing, roads, bridges, etc.

He continued: “At the same time, our focus is on providing services to the Iraqi people, as the country suffers from an old state of neglect, and the government is taking seriously to improve the service situation in terms of education, health, agriculture and other fields. We encourage cooperation with investors, and starting energy, water and agricultural projects, not Especially since Iraq’s budget is now better than before.”

In response to what is being raised about the dollar crisis in Iraq, Rashid stressed that there is no dollar crisis, and that the issue is related to the change in the dollar exchange rate from time to time.

He added, “Until recently, Iraqi markets were open to any foreign currency, and this does not help the Iraqi currency. Therefore, we took some measures to strengthen the dinar’s strength and control the market.”

The Iraqi President stressed that his country’s economic situation is good, both on the general level and on the individual level, but at the same time he pointed out that there are problems related to unemployment and others: “We hope to improve the situation and encourage the private sector to contribute to providing job opportunities for university graduates.”

In a separate context, Rashid stressed that American forces will never return to Iraq, noting that the joint agreements between Baghdad and Washington stipulate “cooperation in combating extremist groups.”

Rashid added, “We have agreements with the United States and the international coalition, and now most of their activities are focused on training the Iraqi security forces and fighting ISIS in some border areas.”

Regarding the Israeli war in the Gaza Strip, the Iraqi president said: “We feel pain as we witness the tragedy that the Palestinian people are experiencing. We condemn the ongoing aggression against the people of Gaza and the killing of children. We demand an end to the fighting and the continuation of negotiations to find a solution to the Palestinian issue in general.”

He added: “We are in Iraq at the popular and governmental levels, and the Presidency of the Republic is with the Palestinian people, and this has always been our position.”

He continued: “We support the Palestinian people achieving all their rights, including building their independent state stipulated in United Nations resolutions.”