Tivon and KTFA Members “News and Views” Monday Afternoon


TBJ:  In my opinion, the reason why there is a lull in the IQD Intel News, is because there is a pending formation of the government that is about to take place during the next week or two from the appearance of things from this date’s Vantage Point.

I know the CBI is independent and can change that rate independently of the GOI, but there seems to be a willful coordination between the GOI and the CBI, and they are waiting for the formalities to conclude.

In this case, those ‘formalities’ have different courses that can be taken- the political parties can either just agree on their candidates and proceed, or there can be a dissolution of the Parliament.

I doubt there will be any new significant news until we see a conclusive course in the days ahead, and the international PRESSURE in addition to the demands of the Iraqi citizens for a better life is all on them to get it done!

There is a lull because the observers are sitting on the edge of their seats (me included) with baited breath, because it sure does look like we are about to see what we have been waiting for at last.

Tivon:  “Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi directed all ministries to mobilize their efforts to implement the provisions of the Food Security Law”. End quote.

The Blitz Play, is forming on the 80 yard line. They left the huddle with a defensive end on both sides.

The Contracts & Procedures. How will they execute the play? Dissolution or send the line backer up the middle which would be the PM and cause a turnover.

Well we now know where are don’t we? Nullifying contracts and adjusting wages in light of inflation? I wonder what purpose this would serve if French company Total’ signed off on an increase from 85 thousands barrels per day to 210,000 thousand that would cause a reconsideration as to how business is calculated and conducted?

Maybe this new deal wouldn’t work under the current program rate if they plan on benefiting from that 40% annual revenue that Iraq will be exporting.

I mean didn’t they say this agreement would cause transparency & competition in the oil sector with the four projects one of them being the Artawi oil field.

Well having a international currency competing against the likes of the Euro that is now 1:1 with the USD while supply & demand grows for the new IQD that is now back by hard currency reserves along with oil that other countries will see as a stable sovereign country with open books on the accounts in ministries will create the transparency that Total is looking for correct?

I am just pondering a point here. Because all of this can only come by way of continuing the present term of Al-Kahdimi by putting full force behind the EFSL.

 Can all of this be done prior to August ?st? Well enacting emergency powers to address critical issues that affect the citizens way of life who can barely afford rent, clothes, and food.

 I would presume the PM does not want to drag these problems into another month of inaction on his cabinet when he requested of them to address the USD price at the earliest session.

Well isn’t that coming up on the 20th? Because this is the only way he can even begin to alleviate the economic hardships by bringing attention to the elephant in the room which is the exchange rate.

The PM is on the move as he knows time is running short. We have about a week and some change left in this month.

He appears to be taking this opportunity to ensure there are no more delays. Action oriented plans are being implemented. And we are about to see something powerful take place in the days leading up to the 1st. IMO


Samson:  Al-Kazemi’s advisor clarifies a news published by the official media about the exchange rate change

18th July, 2022

The advisor to the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, issued today, Monday, a clarification regarding a news published by the official newspaper about the change in the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar.

Haitham al-Jubouri, in a clarification received by Shafak News Agency, said that Al-Sabah newspaper published the title of an interview it conducted with us in which we talked about an economic vision that would increase non-oil revenues and attract diversified investments, which would inevitably give strength to the Iraqi dinar, given that the price of the dinar depends on the offer. demand and sustainable economic development.

He added, “I was surprised that the headline of the news differs from this content mentioned by the same person who interviewed us in the body of the news, reasoning that the headline should be attractive.”

Al-Jubouri, who was the head of the Finance Committee in the previous parliamentary session, explained that “what was published about the government’s intention to restore the exchange rate is contrary to the truth of what we have stated. Rather, the government is engaged in fundamental reforms in the financial and economic affairs that would create the desired development.”  LINK


Samson:  The government is discussing the dollar exchange rate and plans to convert 4 ministries to self-financing

18th July, 2022

The Prime Minister’s Adviser for Economic Affairs, Haitham al-Jubouri, presented an economic vision that is summed up in converting four ministries to a self-financing system, restoring the dollar exchange rate and unifying employee salaries

Al-Jubouri said, according to the official Al-Sabah newspaper, thatthere is an economic vision for the next phase, some of which have been writtenFrom central to self-financing, and it can benefit from the revenues generated by it, through the large and discreet companies it owns or the revenues achieved through its work,” noting “the possibility of benefiting from the amounts allocated to it from the state treasury in establishing productive development projects

He added, “There is a vision in the exchange rate of the dollar, and restoring confidence and strength to the Iraqi dinar, provided that it is not a decision, as happened in the decision to raise the exchange rate, but with real economic reforms and an increase in non-oil revenues with a plan extending from one to four years, and increasing the volume of investments in the country by persuading Iraqi investors who invest their money abroad to return to Iraq through facilities provided to them and encouraging them to invest their money inside the country

 Al-Jubouri indicated thatamong the vision is the automation of government procedures, electronic connectivity, the amendment of instructions for implementing government contracts, and the issue of tax exemptions, with a focus on increasing the tax base through profitable companies or personalities,” expressingregret that there is a focus on the simple citizen in the tax issue.” While most companies evade the final accounts because they are fake

 And the Prime Minister’s Adviser for Economic Affairs indicated, “the possibility of increasing customs revenues, which can achieve huge sums in the event that there is governance of the border crossings

He explained, “The necessity of activating the collection of electric energy that is prepared for citizens, shops and commercial institutions, as the ministry collects only 7 percent of the money. Without increasing the total amount for it, which will be among the interests of the next government, as it is not

possible for an employee in a ministry to take 5 times as much as another employee with the same title, degree and certificate

He stressed, “Part of these ideas can be started through effective laws such as the Financial Management Law and the Electronic Signature Law, which needs speed in the procedures of its legislation. He pointed out, “Some find it strange to implement some of this plan, but all of them are feasible and there is an integrated vision on this subject, if we know that it can be applied in short, medium and long stages   LINK


Tivon:  We were just talking about this. They will by default increase oil revenues once they return the price of the USD. Especially the French oil deal with “Total, who had signed off on a 40% cut of that revenue with the four projects in development.

 1:1 will definitely move numbers for everyone involved in Iraq’s private sector. We are entering the final phase. You can tell they have been sitting on this information and couldn’t wait to share.

Taxes & Customs will definitely see a boost now that they reduce corruption in that sector down to zero. Because now everyone will be supplied a number instead of a name. That way no one’s identity can be used to siphon money from citizens dead or alive .

He states some of the reforms have already been written  and is ready to be applied. I think one of them has to do with the Oil & Gas Law. Simply by the fact that it supposed to be one of the agendas for the upcoming session next week that is on the table for a vote. Or in this case enactment.

Look they even brought up E-Government. This will reduce bureaucratic red tape and allow electronic use of procedures that doesn’t involve any paperwork. And again this  will reduce corruption.

In the 1970s, Iraq was the least corrupt Arab state until Saddam’s wars of aggression against first Iran and then Kuwait brought not only military defeat, but also suffocating sanctions. The economic distortion, black market economy, and the United Nation’s own corruption made matters worse.

After the United States invaded in 2003, it made matters worse by pouring money into an economy that did not have the institutional capacity to handle it.

 Now things have changed dramatically. Iraq has a new strategy to tackle all sectors and outright stop corruption. General Customs Authority is another section of Iraq that has addressed and reduced corruption.

 We are in the home stretch Ladies & Gentlemen. This last week of this month will yield so much for us and Iraq. I can not wait to see what happens next. IMO

Samson:  Food Security Law Comes Into Force

18th July, 2022

The official “Al-Sabah” newspaper reported, on Monday, that despite the huge uproar that had been raised for a long time around him and the political debates and bickering for months, the entry into force of the “Emergency Support for Food Security and Development” law passed in silence and calmness.

A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Jamal Cougar, said in a statement reported by the newspaper and seen by (the information), that “the ruling on the non-implementation of the law and not actually bringing it into force, is incorrect,” explaining that “any law is legislated, especially if there is a financial aspect, Its effect will become clear when it is fully implemented.”

Cougar added, “The law has two timings; Part of it is being implemented by the current government, and the other part is being implemented by the next government, and seven trillion and 250 billion dinars have been allocated for its implementation.”

He explained, “The first part that the current government will spend its money on will be a part of it for the development of the regions, and they need projects to be submitted by the governorates, and part of those funds are dedicated to stabilizing contracts who need to audit their transactions, and a part is dedicated to appointing 15,000 new graduates, and this needs to scrutinize and study the needs of ministries and specializations, and therefore everything that was mentioned needs work, effort and time.”

Cougar stressed that “judging this law or others to failure before it is applied is inaccurate and unfair, and the expected steps that the citizen will see will be when applying this law, so it is premature to judge it.”   LINK