Tivon and KTFA Members “The CBI Can Make Their Move Now”

Member:  The new generation : The formation of the government will take time, and Parliament cannot start budget procedures

22nd July, 2022

Head of the New Generation Parliamentary Bloc, Sarwa Abdul Wahed, confirmed today, Friday, that Parliament cannot begin budget procedures, while revealing the reasons.

Abdul Wahed told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The opposition has an active role in the House of Representatives, and we look forward to having serious monitoring by it before going to form a government.” She added, “Some forces, including the New Generation and the Emtada movement, announced their position by forming an opposition in Parliament.”

She explained that “Parliament cannot start budget procedures during the current year, as the current government is a caretaker government,” noting that “forming the government will take time.”

She pointed out that “the House of Representatives deals with the government according to the constitution, and the current government cannot, according to the decision of the Federal Court, send any draft law.”

And the committee ruled out that “the House of Representatives goes to read the budget, unless a new government is formed or the Federal Court allows an emergency order, or the current government submits an appeal or a petition to the Federal Court to obtain an exception to submit laws.” LINK


ATPinfinity:  or the Federal Court allows an emergency order,

Tivon:  We already know what options. Only two make sense at this time. Which one do you think the current PM will choose? The EFSL is looking so beautiful right now. We already know there will be no budget for the year. Which also means there will be no new government to pass one. Why? Because Al-Kazemi is doing everything for the citizens now without a GOI. Am I about to be proven right again? I’m 5 for 5. Somebody in Iraq appreciates my work. They keep coming up  with articles to substantiate everything I write for some strange reason. Have you ever seen a run like this in Dinarland? This is too funny. IMO

DallasDude:  Don’t need that budget..thats why we got the EFSL for the rest of the year..

Zeeman: Tivon you are the man. 5 for 5 i should take you to vegas you re on the money every time. i have one question for you. how much longer do you think it will take to disolve the gov?

Tivon:  To be honest. They are dissolved in my eyes. Look at what is being accomplished without the GOI. Who needs them? Have you seen the article Samson posted that Clare put in the FA thread? (See below) You think I am waiting for them to officially confirm dissolution? They are not even a factor now. They are not included in any worthwhile  conversation concerning Al-Kazemi and the CBI. At this point they are just getting on my nerves that they have not officially announced this yet. IMO.





Samson:  Central Bank Governor : The banking sector is making progress at various levels

22nd July, 2022

The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mustafa Ghaleb Mukhif, confirmed that the banking sector is making progress on various levels

A statement by the Central Bank, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stated thatMakhif met his French counterpart, Francois Villeroy de Gallo, in Paris  and discussed with him the development of banking relations between the two countries

And Makheeb indicated that he “discussed with de Gallo global economic developments, emphasizing the development of banking and economic relations between the two countries, and for France to be the starting point of the Iraqi banking sector towards Europe,” stressing that “this sector is making progress at various levels, such as banking services and the rest of the indicators that it is constantly rising.

He added, “The two sides discussed the file of combating money laundering and financing terrorism and developing human resources working in the banking sector with international institutions

For his part, the Governor of the French Central Bank praised “Iraq’s efforts in developing combating money laundering and financing terrorism and developing banking relations between the two countries,” noting that “the French banking sector is open to its Iraqi counterpart, especially with regard to facilitating transfers and banking relations

On the other hand, His Excellency the Governor met “a number of French banks and companies, and urged them to cooperate with Iraqi institutions and invest inside Iraq,” stressing that “the Iraqi banking sector is able to meet the requirements of French companies and facilitate their tasks, with the desire of the Central Bank of Iraq for France to be a starting point. The banking sector is heading towards Europe to establish a network of distinguished banking relations

It is noteworthy that the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq is currently visiting France at the head of a large Iraqi banking delegation  LINK

Tivon:  (Re: Above article) This implies that the deadline for August 15th 2022 for banks to get on the new platform is for late bloomers who do not currently have their affairs in order.

The CBI can make their move now.

Are they trying to get this deal done before August 1st? Seems that way given that the Federal Court has already given an ultimatum for outright dissolution or enacting emergency powers to pass laws without a GOI. Remember Total’ said this was the reason they would pull out of the GOI was not seated?

Well that was until the EFSL came along. Now they seem to know that only logical step remaining is to bulldoze the entire political impasse and declare an emergency to bypass all deadlocks and implement everything the ministries need or want to serve the citizens since all of the contracts are under the EFSL which is based on the constitution which requires the HCL/Oil & Gas Law to start the Citizens Entitlements which of course would need a new rate that will more than likely start much sooner than August 15th based on what Eddie said last Monday from official reports.

Like Militia-Man stated the French oil company must have been assured something behind the scenes if they were willing to give Al-Kazemi a medal of honor before the two weeks were even up from the deadline they gave Iraq to sit the GOI.

Well the Federal Court made it clear that only a couple of things can take place that would make sense to ensure that nothing is impeding these oil deals with the French. We know there will more than likely not be a formed GOI. So what’s the next options?

An emergency order of laws to be activated. The Federal Court already revoked the oil contracts for Kurdistan without any apologies. Do you think they will not follow through with dissolution? Ha’ I highly doubt it.

It’s about to be August for God’s sake. No one is about to let them sit around for another week playing with people’s emotions. They are about to get the hammer. IMO